January 29, 2009

Why can't I ever have a normal Governor?

I sit here writing as my state's governor and his hair are on trial for doing generally a-hole things. He's been on a media binge trying to prove his innocence and only making himself like look more of a slime ball. I haven't lived in Illinois long, but long enough to be proud of one of our politicians that made it out of the state level and on to the main stage. Just when we were all so happy to claim Barack, out had to come this Blago BS. I mean, no other state has their very own quiz on Mental Floss called "Illinois Politician or Sopranos Character?" (good find, Ryan)

This got me thinking... as a native of California, I'm no stranger to this kind of gubernatorial nonsense. I mean - hello - second ever recall of a state governor that resulted in the re-election of a foreign-born, weight-lifting, Danny DeVito-costarring, Kennedy marrying Terminator. Does YOUR airport gift shop have novelty tee shirts with your governor's face?!

SO. As I was saying... this got me thinking. And I started researching NORMAL governors. Yes. Some governors have been thrust onto the national spotlight because of the election year. We've met the governor of states like New Mexico and Alaska (*wink*), but what about "normal" governors?

I've been doing my research, and I'd like to introduce you the first in a series of profiles on "NOrmal GOvernors" - NOGO's.

First one down the pike: Brian Schweitzer, Montana.

Doesn't this picture just say it all? How wonderful and approachable he seems. Other pictures show him with a bolo tie. Swoon. He's a Dem, and chair of the Democratic Governors Association. He consistently has one of the highest approval ratings of any US Governor. He's married to a CANADIAN (eh) and they have three kids. He's got a background in agriculture and has worked abroad. SOIL! His lieutenant governor is a Republican. He's got a border collie named Jag that goes with him to work. I like this man.

Read more about this NOGO on his wikipedia page or in this article:


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