January 14, 2009


Oh... hey! Hello there! Welcome to my innagural blog... blognagural? No? No. Ok.

I used to have one of these puppies, but out with the old and in with the new. So hey. Here we go. Purpose of this is to enjoy the non so exploitive exploits of yours truly. I'll pretend that this is to serve as flypaper to catch the delicious and hilarious nuggets that come out of this old skull here and to follow me on the escalator to stardom, when really we all know that this is just in place to satiate my need for a perpetual soap box and keep me from stabbing pencils in my eyes due to extreem boredom at work. Blogging at work? No. Never. I didn't mean that.

So let's get this party started.

Started my day off like any other. Did my morning routine. Get to work, take off 7 layers of winter gear, settle into my chair. Sip on fountian diet coke and/or venti unsweetened iced green tea, check weather (think to myself, hmm, yes, it does feel that cold outside), quickly glance in my personal inbox. I've made an effort to crack down on the bulk in my inbox so the only things I get daily are my Daily Candy emails. Today's was about some printmaker or something. Daily Candy is in the new habit of hyperlinking throuhgout their posts that link back to archived posts. So I click on one of said hyperlinks. Only to come upon this.

Yes. A Smitten. A few things...

1) Thanks for rubbing it in. Seriously guys, seriously? Becasue single people aren't already aware of how very, very alone they are. You have to draw attention to your untion by putting a big fleece beacon on it. Shut up.

2) What about your other hands? Don't they get cold? They only sell the one smitten! Do you have to keep them free for writing sonnets and releasing doves?

3) What man in his right mind would be alllowed to be seen in one of these things?! Seriously! I mean unless man in question has a bondage thing and this is the closest he can get.

Ok, that is all for now

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